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Raspberry leaf tea | 20 teabags

Raspberry leaf tea | 20 teabags

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Made from high-quality dried red raspberry leaves, this tea is ideal for women looking to support their hormonal and reproductive health using natural, holistic products.

Key components of the raspberry leaf help to tone the uterus, relieving the symptoms of period cramps and PMS, and aiding women with the latter stages of pregnancy and during labour. It also contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, supporting the immune system and helping to protect the body from environmental damage.

A naturally calming brew, raspberry leaf tea has a mild, earthy flavour, and slight tartness that can be balanced by adding half a teaspoon of honey for some extra sweetness.


20 Teabags

Dimensions: 80mm x 100mm

Weight: 50g

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Customer Reviews

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Susannah Fletcher
Love Baiji teas!

I have now repurchased camomile and raspberry a couple of times. I also have mint and have just purchased lapsang souchong for the first time! I love them all because they taste far superior to teas from other brands and have wellbeing benefits