Balance isn't 50/50

It can be difficult to juggle all of life’s responsibilities and still feel like you’re spending enough time on developing or resting yourself. Living a balanced lifestyle often means negotiating career development, while looking after family, seeing friends, managing your finances, looking after your mental and physical health, and still finding time to have fun. No wonder we’re overwhelmed!

The key to living a more balanced lifestyle lies in one key action: prioritising. The idea of balance is to strive for an appropriate level of focus and engagement in different areas of life such as work, family, friends, hobbies, and self-care. While balance may not always be a 50/50 split, it is important to find a balance that works for you and allows you to feel fulfilled and satisfied with your life.

What do we mean when we say fulfilled? Fulfillment is a state of being satisfied or content with one's life, pursuits, and achievements. It's a feeling of inner satisfaction that comes from the sense that one's life has meaning and purpose. It's a feeling of completeness and wholeness that can be described as a sense of well-being.

For some people, fulfillment may come from achieving specific goals, such as career advancement or financial stability. For others, it may come from nurturing relationships, traveling, or pursuing a creative passion. And it can change from week to week, or even from day to day depending on how you feel. This is where prioritising comes in!

It's also important to note that balance is not a static state, but it's a dynamic process that requires continuous adjustment and adaptation. Life is constantly changing, and so should our approach to balance. By dynamically shifting your priorities as your circumstances change, you’ll not be caught on the back foot when a new, unexpected situation arises, or if you’re just too tired to do your 5th gym workout session of the week.

What does this mean practically? If you’re stressed because of a busy workweek, for example, it may be more appropriate to try to focus on clearing your inbox, which might mean skipping a few workouts, or being less in touch with family and friends for a short while. When you’re on holiday however, the balance should shift so that you leave the career-minded you in the office, and instead focus on relaxing and making meaningful connections with whoever you travel with. 

Finding balance is a personal, dynamic and ongoing process of striving for an optimal state of well-being and fulfillment. It shouldn’t be stressful, but rather the opposite! You have to be disciplined, know your schedule and routine, but also be flexible and open to relaxing and doing nothing when needed. If you’re ever stuck or lost, just remember the answer lies within. You can only live your life, and no one knows you better than you do!

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